Tonight I sat and watched time escape. How I don’t know, we invented it, didn’t we? So why can I not just say, this hour doesn’t count. But it does, and always will now. Anyway, I watched my favourite monologue and after realised I haven’t revised for the exam I’m already re-sitting. Suddenly, something has hit the fan. But miraculously it has flown straight through and landed comfortably.

I will fail my exam tomorrow, and do it smiling. Yes, I won’t treat your broken knuckle and laugh at why you decided you just needed to hit the statue, but I will be the one selling you a television and volunteering at a special needs school on a day off. Most will come in and look down their noses with sarcasm being ejaculated so damnably enjoyably from their mouths, but some will find out my truths.

My life will mean nothing to the faceless in life who benefit from your nine to five job, but to somebody every other day, you’ve caught their interest. This is what I aim for. I quit (after suspension) my job at McDonald’s when they suspended me for helping a recently widowed disabled woman light a cigarette. Her partner of thirty five years, but also her soul mate, lighter and general body. She’s registered blind and her brain haemorrhage (which I lost the man I called ‘Dad’ to) left her unable to speak and move clearly. Then, as she struggled across a road, a stolen car ran her over, shattering both her legs. As I hugged her in the rain outside McDonald’s, she cried and opened up to me. Begging me to stay, we spoke together and she told me she wanted to die. I gave her all the support I could as I saw the earnest depression behind her gray eyes, usually so opal.

For this I received suspension, gladly. It opened my eyes to the fact that I am nobodies machine and will fight for any underdog proudly. Keep your biology exams, I’m proud enough being human and helping those who need it every time I can.

‘The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.’

I will never see opulence, accessible avarice, or much financial wealth. But I will see emotional wealth behind every name tag, and in all those who posses it.

Follow your dreams, not expectations.

Jack Robinson.